The Piper Laboratory at Binghamton University uses a range of spectroscopy techniques to study the rich physics that arises from the ionic character of metal oxides for applications in energy harvesting (photocatalysts & photvoltaics), energy storage (Li-ion battery cathodes & psuedocapacitors), and reduced power consumption (transparent displays & Mott-transistors). A vital step towards this goal requires understanding the underlying physics and chemistry of these promising oxide materials. A common theme to all the systems explored is the interplay between the geometric and electronic structure, which can ultimately dictate the device performance. Our work forms part of the Smart Energy Research within the NY SUNY 2020 project.


Matthew Wahila graduates from the Piper Group with PhD in Physics.
Winner of the 2017 Graduate Teaching Award.

Nick won the 2016 Distinguished Dissertation Award from the Binghamton University Graduate School!

Zach has been given a position on the editorial board for Frontiers in Energy Research.
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Louis' has published an SPIE Newsroom article. (link)

Louis has been made a Scialog® Fellow.
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Poster on NCA battery cathode materials nominated for award at 2016 MRS Fall Meeting.

Linda's battery work has been featured on the Advanced Light Source webpage.
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Awarded 4-year $1.4M multi-institution grant from NSF involving collaborators at Texas A&M and SUNY Buffalo.
The project focuses on developing new materials for generating clean electricity and solar fuels (e.g. hydrogen) using sunlight and water.

Phys.org reports on PiperLab battery research.
Nature Communications publication "Mapping polaronic states and lithiation gradients in individual V2O5 nanowires".
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DISCOVER-e publishes an article on Nick earning a prestigious NRC postdoctoral fellowship. (link)

DISCOVER-e publishes an article on Shaw Sallis' battery research. (link)

2015-2016: Shawn Sallis recieves a doctoral in residence fellowship at the Advanced Light Source in California.

Dr. Piper won the Technology Innovation Early Career Award from Small Scale Systems Integration and Packaging Center (S3IP)

MDPI tweets about Nick's new VO2 paper
Nick Quackenbush's new paper on phase transistions in ultra thin heteroepitacial VO2 films is generating buzz. (link)

Physica Status Solidi (a) Featured Article & Cover Image
Shawn Sallis' paper on the deep subgap feature in amorphous IGZO is featured in Physica Status Solidi (a). Cover image created by Matthew Wahila and Annie Dailey. (link)

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